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Stunning as wedding bands or anniversary gifts, Lab-Grown Diamond Eternity Bands symbolize endless love.
Stunning as wedding bands or anniversary gifts,
Lab-Grown Diamond Eternity Bands symbolize endless love.

Ethical Anniversary Gifts

Mark the milestones of your journey together!

Timeless Style, Incomparable Strength

Introducing the Elysium Diamond Wedding Bands.


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Choose a style from our ethical & affordable conflict-free engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding sets, & jewelry.


Personalize your jewelry online by selecting stone type, shape and size, recycled metal type, ring size and optional extras.


Once your order is placed, it'll be handcrafted within 14 business days, packaged with love and shipped straight to your door.


We then make a donation to Our Foundation, to repair mining communities and plant a tree to offset the shipping carbon emissions.

  • Our Stones
    Our Stones

    Lab-Grown Diamonds

    Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds but cost up to 40% less and come free of any negative environmental or humanitarian abuse.

    As the world's first retailer exclusively selling lab-grown diamonds, MiaDonna has the largest selection of exceptional American-grown diamonds that are not post-treated, but affordable and conflict-free.

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  • Our Gems
    Our Gems

    Lab-Created Gemstones

    Personalize any of our jewelry styles with a colored gemstone.

    From Emeralds and Sapphires, to Rubies, Alexandrites and Padparadschas, MiaDonna’s selection of lab-grown gemstones are the best on the market. They are created using the most scientifically advanced processes to produce beautiful, precision-cut, gemstones that are chemically, optically and physically identical to earth-mined gemstones for a fraction of the cost.

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  • Our Ethical Jewelry
    Our Ethical Jewelry

    Personalized and Hand-Crafted in the USA

    Build your jewelry online and we will hand craft it just for you in 14 business days. Other companies mass produce jewelry overseas in pre-stocked, limited sizes with lower gram weights. At MiaDonna, we make your ring, when you order it, in the size you order, using a higher gram weight of metal creating beautiful jewelry that is made to last a lifetime.

    The diamonds and gold in our jewelry come from a recycled or lab grown origin, this relieves the pressures mining puts on the environment and native communities.

  • Our Foundation
    Our Foundation

    The Greener Diamond

    The final step in our solution is our non-profit foundation, The Greener Diamond. A minimum of 10% of net profits from your purchase fund educational, mentorship, agricultural and ugent relief programs in diamond mining communities.

    We are also activists and donate our time to change outdated regulations to build a more sustainable fine jewelry industry. With your help we can positively change the lives and lands affected by the conflict diamond trade.

    Click here to learn about our foundation.

Our Mission is Personal

I created MiaDonna, the Greener Diamond foundation and pioneered the lab-grown diamond industry in 2005 after a small boy and his mother living in a poverty stricken diamond mining community in Liberia, Africa asked me for help. I knew there had to be a better way to do diamond jewelry.

That little boy is now 22 years old, has a college degree, and runs our foundation in Liberia. READ MORE

- Anna-Mieke: CEO, Owner & Founder

In the media for 15 years!

Your Purchase Powers Positive Change

By choosing MiaDonna, not only are you getting beautiful jewelry, but you are also stopping child labor, protecting the environment, and giving back.


You are our hero! We couldn't do it without you. It's only because of conscious consumers purchasing conflict free fine jewelry at MiaDonna that we are able to empower people in mining communities to thrive in a life outside of diamond and gold mining industries. We would love to hear and share your story. Post a photo of yourself with your favorite MiaDonna jewelry using the hashtag #MiaDonnaHeroes.

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We are the rebels, the misfits, the ones who see things differently. We are all about putting a modern twist on a seriously outdated industry.

MiaDonna's line of ethical engagement rings and jewelry is the solution as it stops child labor, protects the environment, and gives back.

You can now have the ring of your dreams, for a price you will adore, while supporting the cause you believe in.