What are diamond grading reports?

Global Gemological Laboratory Diamond Hybrid® grading reports.

The Diamond Hybrid will automatically come with an official report card from the Global Gemological Lab. This report card is simply a third party report that verifies the technology used to create the Diamond Hybrid and comes with every Diamond Hybrid order. It is not a grading report of your individual jewelry purchase.

However, you can upgrade and have your finished jewelry sent to the lab for independent testing. This grading report will individually grade all the Diamond Hybrid stones, accenting diamonds, and metal types used in your personal piece of jewelry. Both the Diamond Hybrid and the accenting side diamonds will be graded based upon the traditional 4 C's (color, clarity, carat, and cut).

IGI and EGLUSA MiaDonna Lab-Created Diamond grading reports

All MiaDonna lab-created diamonds will automatically come with a complimentary diamond grading report from either the IGI or GCal. Every lab-created diamond will be graded on its 4 C's (color, cut, clarity, and color). The report will identify your lab-created diamond as laboratory grown and will show all measurements, proportions, finish and identifications of the diamond graded.

*These lab-created diamond grading reports are not appraisals.