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Real lab grown diamonds


Swarovski Created Diamonds bring you the highest quality, most brilliant premium diamonds created in a lab.

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Swarovski Created Diamonds are created according to the utmost environmental, safety and labor standards.

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Every purchase at MiaDonna funds our foundation to help restore diamond mining communities.


Swarovski Created Diamonds
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When Daniel Swarovski founded his company in 1895, his vision was to make luxury jewelry accessible to all women of all ages around the world. At MiaDonna, we support that vision and are excited to partner with Swarovski Created Diamonds to bring you lab grown diamonds like you have never seen before.

Swarovski created diamond

What are Swarovski Created Diamonds?

Swarovski Created Diamonds are identical in every way to earth mined diamonds, possessing the same chemical composition, hardness, brilliance and fire. The only difference is that the origin is a lab and not the earth.

Long known for producing the highest quality crystals, Swarovski now use their proprietary practices and precision cutting knowhow to offer an elite line of lab grown diamonds. 100% REAL diamonds that are an exquisite work of art.

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Why Swarovski Created Diamonds?

Building on the brand’s 125-year heritage of creativity, craftsmanship and innovation, Swarovski Created Diamonds bring you elite lab grown diamonds developed with excellence and luxury in mind.

Every Swarovski Created Diamond is hand-selected and inspected to guarantee only the most beautiful and brilliant diamonds carry the Swarovski name.

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Swarovski created vs mined

Are Lab Created Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Yes! Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, identical in every way to earth mined diamonds. Do not confuse these diamonds with crystal, cubic zirconia, white sapphire or a “look-a-like” diamond. Lab grown diamonds are 100% pure crystallized carbon. Whether an orchid is grown in nature or a greenhouse, it is still 100% an orchid. The same can be said for all Swarovski Created Diamonds, which are inspected by experienced gemologists to prove that they are laboratory grown.

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Swarovski created diamond with laser inscription

What is the Quality of Swarovski Created Diamond?

All Swarovski Created Diamonds are inspected by a gemological institute to prove that they are laboratory grown.

They are then laser engraved to clearly identify them (over 0.10ct). The microscopic inscription reads ”SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMOND” and is only visible under strong magnification.

Same as mined diamonds, Swarovski laboratory created diamonds are hand-selected and graded per the 4c’s. Each Swarovski Created Diamond over 0.70ct is graded and certified on the 4Cs by the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

How Do I See Swarovski Created Diamonds?

Join us for a beer or glass of wine in our Portland Retail Store! Sit down in a relaxed atmosphere and talk to a lab grown diamond expert while viewing our exclusive line of Swarovski Created Diamonds and designing the perfect piece of jewelry to set it in.

If you are not in Portland, make a virtual appointment to talk to your Personal Shopper. Sorry, you will have to supply your own beer.

Or order your diamond today, and view it in the comfort of your own home for up to 30 days. You can then return it to us to set in your dream ring or return it for a full refund.

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Fancy colored Swarovski diamonds

What Colors are Available?

Part of what makes Swarovski Created Diamonds so spectacular is the large selection of unique colors available. With 16 remarkable colors, they offer the most extensive variety of hues currently on the market.

Choose from Colorless, Neo-Expressionist Pistachio, Electro Arctic, Cubist Sky, Velvet Pool, Brutal Pink, Couture Dragon, Androgyny Flamingo, Punk Lipstick, Draped Fire, Surrealist Butter, Conceptual Blush, Rococo Oyster, Gothic Cognac, Minimalist Brown, Heavy Metal Cherry, and Disco Ink.

What Shapes are Available in Swarovski Created Diamonds

Swarovski Created Diamonds are available in 6 classic diamond cuts: Round Brilliant, Square Princess, Cushion, Pear, Oval and Radiant. Each is a masterpiece of cutting technology that outshine their earth mined counterparts and most other lab grown diamonds on the market.

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Swarovski created diamond

Are Swarovski Created Diamonds Sustainable?

The Swarovski brand has long been committed to sustainability and creating ethical gemstones and jewelry. Their line of created diamonds continues that promise. This innovative product is created with the utmost environmental, safety and labor practices.

We are available for virtual appointments and via phone, email, and chat. Our goal is to make your engagement ring shopping fun, relaxing, and safe. Please contact us if you need assistance, we are here for you!