Our Guarantee

MiaDonna was created by consumers, so we understand the concern when purchasing online. We strongly believe that by allowing you to touch, hold and see your finished engagement ring, wedding band or accessory before making your final decision conveys the confidence we have in the quality and beauty of our product, as well as the commitment we have to our customers, society and earth.


Lifetime Guarantee - Settings

If you believe your product has a manufacturing defect, you are welcome to send it to us for evaluation. If your product is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair at no cost to you. If it is not repairable, we will remake at our expense. Any work done on our rings by third party jewelers voids this guarantee.

If we receive and find that the damage is not caused by a manufacturing defect, we will notify you and let you know the cost of repair or cost to remake if it is not repairable. We guarantee no high markups on repairs and guarantee any remake will be at cost.

Please note that each piece of jewelry we sell is handcrafted and made to order. Slight irregularities and variations in craftsmanship are unique to each item and should be expected. These characteristics are considered part of the character of the item and should not be considered a defect.


Lifetime Guarantee - Stones

Our Diamond Hybrid and Lab-Created Gemstones are held to the highest standards before leaving the lab. However, if something were to happen to your stone, you're completely covered with our Lifetime Guarantee.

The Diamond Hybrid®

Our Lifetime Guarantee covers any color change or chipping due to manufacturer defects, as seen by the naked eye, for the life of the Diamond Hybrid in ordinary conditions. Just as with any natural Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald gemstone that does not have the same hardness as a diamond, normal wear and tear is excluded and should be expected. While the Diamond Hybrid is incredibly hard, it is not indestructible. Any stone setting, resizing or repairing of your Diamond Hybrid jewelry not done by MiaDonna that damages your Diamond Hybrid stone will void your guarantee.

The Diamond Hybrid Lifetime guarantee is void on all loose stones set by third party jewelers. All loose Diamond Hybrid stones set in a third party setting by MiaDonna.com come with a full guarantee. We will gladly set the new stone in your setting for $250.00 plus shipping if required. Please contact us for instructions on how to send your ring to us for setting.

Any and all claims on finished goods or loose stones must be made directly with MiaDonna.com, must be accompanied by your original sales receipt and certificate of authenticity. Every Diamond Hybrid submitted for a guarantee claim will be subject to a physical inspection by MiaDonna.com and will be subject to a $55 processing fee plus shipping. If replacement is required, the hybrid stone will be replaced with one of similar size and quality. We may discontinue shapes or sizes and cannot guarantee a replacement of the exact size and shape will be available. One guarantee replacement per stone/per order.

Lab-Created Gemstones

Should your stone ever chip or break under ordinary circumstances, we will gladly replace the item at our sole discretion. Normal wear and tear is excluded. Simply contact MiaDonna.com to return the damaged item along with the original sales receipt to MiaDonna & Co. We will then inspect the damaged stone and if a replacement is necessary, the stone will be replaced with one of similar size and quality. This is subject to a $55 processing fee plus shipping. If a loose stone is originally purchased, we will gladly set the new stone in your setting for an additional $100.00 plus shipping if required.

The MiaDonna Lifetime Guarantee is non-transferable.

Extended Guarantee (Diamond Hybrid Only)

MiaDonna's extended guarantee covers unintentional damage or accidents and situations that damage your stone that are not covered under our Lifetime Guarantee. While the Diamond Hybrid is incredibly hard it is not indestructible; at a hardness of 8.8 it is possible the stone could be accidentally chipped or scratched. Please click here to learn what this hardness grade means. Our extended guarantee is for pre-existing customers only.

Wear or use of the Diamond Hybrid under conditions not considered normal for fine jewelry as outlined will not be eligible under this extended guarantee program. Any and all claims must be made directly with MiaDonna.com and must be accompanied by your original sales receipt and certificate of authenticity. Diamond Hybrid stones submitted for our extended guarantee claim will be subject to a physical inspection by MiaDonna.com, and damage must be visible to the naked eye. Valid claims will be charged a discounted fee of $195.00 per carat towards the replacement of the damaged stone/s plus shipping fees. The deductible charge covers replacement of the damaged stone, but does not cover the re-setting fee of your new Diamond Hybrid. We may discontinue shapes or sizes and cannot guarantee a replacement of the exact size and shape will be available.

MiaDonna jewelry set with a Diamond Hybrid® center stone is susceptible to the same types of peril that could damage any fine jewelry with earth mined stones. It is important that you adhere to the following guidelines for wear and care to avoid accidental damage from occurring:

  1. Be sure to remove your jewelry when doing activities or duties which would strike, repeatedly wear, knock or potentially cause damage.
  2. Never put multiple earth mined and/or lab-created precious stones and gems together as this could scratch your stone.
  3. Keep lotions, perfumes, oils, cake soap, and skin oil away from your jewelry. Please keep your stone clean as this will ensure maximum fire and brilliance. For cleaning instructions, click here.
  4. The best way to clean your MiaDonna jewelry at home is to use warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and a (very soft) children's toothbrush. For professional cleaning, see your local jeweler for ultrasonic and steam cleaning.


Theft, Loss and Damage Policy

MiaDonna does not cover theft, loss, or damage (unless it falls under the Lifetime Guarantee - Settings policy). Please protect yourself. Most homeowner, renter, and comprehensive auto insurance policies should cover the loss and or damage of your fine jewelry. We are willing to provide you with any necessary paperwork needed in order to cover your jewelry through insurance you already pay for. For loss or theft of your Diamond Hybrid, Lab-Created Diamond, Lab-Created Gemstone, or finished good, please consult your insurance agent. 

Lifetime Innovation in Technology Policy

MiaDonna is an innovative company and will continually search for the best diamond alternatives produced with diamond. When we develop a superior technology, providing you have owned a MiaDonna product for at least 24 months, you’ll be eligible to upgrade to the latest technology for a discounted price. We will contact all our customers if and when new technologies are available.

Purchase With Confidence

To further strengthen your confidence while shopping MiaDonna’s online boutique we have put systems in place that will give you the protection, privacy, level of quality and assurance that you need to make your purchase from us by offering:

  • Easy 30-day returns and exchanges
  • Free fully insured domestic U.S. shipping via UPS
  • No hidden fees
  • Free presentation ring box
  • Free eco-friendly designer gift bag
  • Free non-toxic MiaDonna brand jewelry cleaner
  • Manufacturer Guarantee and Complimentary Insurance
  • Full customer support via phone, live chat and email
  • Full custom jewelry design services
  • Eco-friendly products and company